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We also provide excellent services for pigs, poultry and any exotic pets that you might have. Please give us a call on (028) 214 1211

Pet Health

At Caledon Vet Clinic we aim to provide compassionate veterinary care at the highest standard.


Hospital Facilities:


We have a state of the art

  • Operating theatre - fully stocked with surgical equipment enabling us to handle a wide range surgical procedures.

  • Anaesthetic machine - Award winning "Humphrey ADE circuit" and continuous monitoring ensures the safest anaesthesia for your pet 

  • Digital Xray machine and developer - Newest technology allows rapid and safe radiography of your pet, producing high quality images to accurately diagnose the problem

  • Ultrasound Scanner - A rapid and and painless method of examining pets internally as well as accurate pregnancy diagnosis and checking the health of the foetus.

  • In house Laboratory - This allows efficient examination of bloodsmears, urine and faecal samples to help us find the problem quickly and without delay.

  • Dental equipment - Our ultrasonic scaler lets us clean and maintain your pets dental health, keeping their teeth clean and breath fresh.


In addition to our hospital, we ensure your pet is kept in the best of health by offering:

  1. Neutering of Dogs, Cats, Rabbits etc

  2. Vaccinations and deworming

  3. Tick and Flea control

  4. Microchipping

  5. Euthanasias and Cremation/Burial

  6. Pet Passports

Farm Animal Health


We are passionate about helping our farmers not only improve their herd/flock management but also providing exemplary services to their animals.


Services provided include:

  • Herd and flock health planning to optimise revenue and improve farming principles through husbandry

  • Routine surgical and medical farm animal procedures.

  • Bovine and ovine reproductive work including semen evaluation, pregnancy diagnosis and correction of dystocias.

  • Tuberculosis & Brucellosis Eradication Schemes

  • Farm visits including a 24 hour emergency service

  • Wide range of comprehensive product sales in our retail area.

Equine Health


At Caledon Vet Clinic horses are a priority and we provide a wide range of services to keep your equine companions happy and healthy. 


  • Clinical examinations on sick or lame horses to diagnose and treat the problem effectively.  

  • ‘Vetting’ – Pre-purchase Examinations

  • Passport identification and Microchipping

  • Routine vaccination against Equine influenza, Tetanus, African horsesickness etc

  • Deworming and external parasite control.

  • Lameness investigation

  • Castration

  • Ultrasound scans to assess reproductive status of the mare, assisting in timed inseminations and pregnancy diagnosis to ensure a healthy foal.

  • Ultrasound scanning for tendon and ligament damage

  • Digital Xrays to assess bony issue in the limbs.

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